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[76][77], One of the six youngest members of the new Assembly, Maréchal-Le Pen served on 26 June 2012 as a secretary during the opening of the fourteenth legislature presided over by the most senior member François Scellier. 5. Marion Jeanne Caroline Maréchal (French pronunciation: ​[maʁjɔ̃ maʁeʃal]; born 10 December 1989), known as Marion Maréchal-Le Pen from 2010 to 2018, is a French politician, part of the Le Pen family, granddaughter of National Front (FN) founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and niece of its current leader Marine Le Pen. Marion Marechal, Marine Le Pen’s niece says BLM is about ritual humiliation. [44], In the first round of voting, she won 40.55% of the vote, becoming one of six FN candidates to lead a region. ", "Sarah Palin: My political crush on Marion Marechal-Le Pen", "Steve Bannon's Dream: A Worldwide Ultra-Right", "Members of the parliamentary friendship group France-Russia", "Members of the parliamentary friendship group France-Ivory Coast", "7 days BFM – FN, in search of power – Report about MMLP's stay at Moscow (from 4'42)", "Élysée Treaty: French and German people move closer together – 400 French people in the German Bundestag", "Franco-German couple: from the cooperation to the German federal Europe (official statement)", "Visite surréaliste de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen au Vlaams Belang", "Marion Maréchal-Le Pen at the European celebration organized by the Vlaams Belang in Boom, near Antwerp", "Constitutional private member's bill concerning the appointment of the members of the Constitutional Council (n°483, cosignatory: Gilbert Collard)", "Constitutional private member's bill forbidding the marriage between same-sex persons (n°341, cosignatories: Jacques Bompard & MMLP)", "Organic private member's bill enforcing the article 68 of the Constitution (n°1757, cosignatories: MMLP & Gilbert Collard)", "Knowledges of National Assembly — Question and answer sessions", "Search of questions: 14th legislature (since 20 June 2012) — To the government – Political group: unregistered MPs", "Question and answer session – Policy regarding Romani people", "Question and answer session – Fight against welfare fraud", "Question and answer session – Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement", "Written question (n° 26,534) about Rugby league in France: text (21 May 2013) and reply (27 August 2013)", "Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, first fan of Rugby league in France", "VIDEO. Some media commentators spoke of Maréchal, with her appeals for unity among forces on the right wing of French politics, presenting an alternative to Macron. But who can think that our ideas will come to power without breaking the partisan barriers of yesterday?” she asked. To them should now be added Louis Aliot in Perpignan. CNSNews covers the stories that the liberal media are afraid to touch.

Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. For Le Pen, her niece Marion Maréchal is already a potential rival. [51], Maréchal-Le Pen's political, cultural and foreign policy views reflect the general consensus of her party. Because of the process of elimination, she was not elected in the Île-de-France's regional council. [52], Maréchal-Le Pen has stated that her party has supported the 'defense of the family' for a very long time. education organization operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions to the MRC are tax-deductible. ", "Mr Ferrand's lies to the test of facts (official statement)", "FN : "Je leur manque à ce point-là ? In 2018, she removed Le Pen from her last name. [2][29] A member of the FN from 1972 to 2005 and an MP for Vaucluse under the eighth legislature (1986–1988), Jacques Bompard, was also elected as an MP for Vaucluse's 4th constituency. At the age of 18, she became a member of the FN. CNSNews has emerged as the conservative media’s lynchpin for original reporting, investigative reporting, and breaking news. 4. [2] After the 2015 regional elections, for which she received the best result for a FN candidate, she became the Leader of the Opposition in the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. I became interested in politics around 15 or 16 and in various approaches, not necessarily FN". And whatever happens, the horrifying possibility of a miscarriage of justice is ever-present, no matter how minimally. She listed other challenges, including economic problems, cultural shifts and “the clash of great powers.”. [37][38], In the first round of the 2012 presidential elections, Marine Le Pen had polled 36.02% at Sorgues[39] whereas Marion Maréchal-Le Pen got there 37.65% in the first round and 44.36% in the run-off of the following legislative elections.[40].

Marion Marechal speaks in Paris at the weekend. "[54], Academic Cécile Alduy described Maréchal-Le Pen as a "paradoxical character" who dresses and speaks in a modern way while promoting social conservatism. “I joined an approach that seems necessary to me: to reflect, to hold dialogue, to break partisan divisions,” she tweeted. [7] On 8 November, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen announced that she was suing L'Express for a "serious invasion of her privacy".

[17], She was a candidate in seventh position on the FN list in Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine, in the 2008 municipal elections. [71], In a written parliamentary question addressed in May 2013 to Valérie Fourneyron, Minister of Sports, Youth Affairs, Popular Education and Community life, Maréchal-Le Pen drew her attention to the poor treatment rugby league receives in France from the government and the media, regretting the banning of this sport during the Vichy regime.

Her father Samuel Maréchal had been the leader of the Front National Youth movement (FNJ) for seven years (1992–1999). Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. “We must build on the rock – not on media buzz – through ideas, loyalties, networks and local elected officials" she added. [48][49], In 2018, she founded the Institut des sciences sociales, économiques et politiques (ISSEP) in Lyon. [43] The elections came a month after an Islamist terror attack which killed 130 people in Paris. (Photo by Sameer Al-Doumy/AFP/Getty Images). She added: "I very quickly came down to earth." Maréchal believes that the National Rally, led by her 51-year-old aunt, is not strong enough to win in 2022.

[50], She is widely seen as a potential candidate for the 2022 presidential election. [15], After retiring from politics in 2017, Marion Marechal-Le Pen enrolled in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at EMLYON Business School. In his own speech at the conference, City of Béziers Mayor Robert Ménard, an ally, urged her to disclose her goals, and said that “her political family needs a leader.”, “I’m tired of excuses by some saying that she will not run for the next presidential election!” he said. [72][73], In April 2015, because of his intense anti-FN campaign in the departmental elections, Maréchal-Le Pen criticized the "cretinous contempt" ("mépris crétin") of Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls in parliament, which appeared to fluster Valls. [45] Socialist candidate Christophe Castaner then withdrew, to avoid splitting the vote for The Republicans' mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi. [53] Along with Gilbert Collard and other FN senior executives, she took part in the mass demonstrations against same-sex marriage organized in Paris by La Manif Pour Tous movement in the first half of the year 2013. M arine Le Pen's niece has echoed Donald Trump as she called for a “France first” agenda and told US right-wingers: “Just like you, we want our country back.”. She is a member of the National Front and served as the member of the National Assembly for Vaucluse's 3rd constituency from 2012 to 2017. She is currently involved in the education sector and financing the creation of a private school project. [43] Conservative American former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin praised Maréchal-Le Pen for her societal beliefs, and compared her to Joan of Arc. ", "Marion Maréchal-Le Pen divorce : qui était son mari, Matthieu Decosse ? [34], During a press conference held on 30 October 2013, she officially announced her appearance as a fellow candidate on a municipal list at Sorgues, a town of 18,000 inhabitants located to the north of Avignon in the western part of her constituency.

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