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Squeeze back to the east and get the skull, lantern and garlic (you can leave everything else here). the thief with the knife, doing the command 3 times. Get the brass bauble. Above Ground. Go north and west into the Low Room. Place all sharp items in the boat and enter it. You’ll want to open the mailbox first. Drop the pump and get inside the boat. Once in the cellar area, travel south. From environment and how the player would interact with it. Zork was re-written a few times to keep up with evolving computer technology at Now go back north and get into the basket. Go north once more to get the air pump, and one last time to find the crystal trident. Put the coal and screwdriver in the basket, then lower the basket. Move south-east, then east. Yes, Zork was featured in Black Ops 1, as Before you take it, you need to head to the living room (sw, u, u, nw, w, w, w) and drop off treasures. Here are the ways to get back to the Carousel Room: Once you make it to the Riddle Room, answer the riddle by typing: say "A well". To launch the game, simply double click the Get the buoy and move east. From here, you’ll go. Go north, then down to the Gas Room. Put out the candles. If you said "Odysseus", you can now exit the room through the destroyed wall; go east twice and you'll be back in the Living Room. Go south and climb the tree again. When you have succeeded in killing the troll, drop the sword (I know, I know; but it's not really necessary, and the inventory limits are annoying in this game), save the game again, and go west to enter the Maze. Open Enter the gazebo, get all items on the table, and leave again. emerald, scarab, trident, and the jewels in the case and head east. Give him the egg to keep him distracted for a while. I'm afraid you'll have to use a four-letter word for the other, since unlike Leather Goddesses, Zork doesn't recognize constructions like have sex with.). It is you’ll want to head back into the kitchen from. This game’s setting is in the year 948 GUE, which is based on the Zork Calendar. Your journey starts Inside the Barrow.You must find and acquire items and treasures to help you as you navigate through this area of the Great Underground Empire, trying not to get lost, or get eaten, or have a spell cast on you, or die in many other ways. Diagnose and wait until your wounds are healed. Once that is wrapped up, head: After doing so, you should find yourself in These walkthroughs may not be published or reproduced in any format without the author's prior written consent. Next, read the leaflet that is inside. Next, wave the scepter, which will make the rainbow become Drop everything and squeeze through the crack to the west. Get all the treasure (including the egg), then go down, northwest, south, west, up, down and northeast to get to the Grating room. and in the kitchen, there is a bag. Drop the portrait and bills, then go back to the Dragon's Lair (northwest, north, north, north). While you can distract the thief by giving him a treasure (such as the jeweled egg), you will want to avoid the thief until you are ready to deal with him or if he steals a critical item. Put the screwdriver and sceptre in the sack; they are sharp and will puncture the boat it if you board while carrying them. Take the candies, then return to the west and eat the blue cake to return to normal size. Open the sack in the kitchen and remove the garlic from the sack. Move west then south to reach the altar. You must find and acquire items and treasures to help you as you navigate through this area of the Great Underground Empire, trying not to get lost, or get eaten, or have a spell cast on you, or die in many other ways. troll. As I mentioned previously, Zork is one of Everything is controlled by text in this game, even the saving/reloading Go northeast, east, and south, pick up the portrait, and go north. Amraphael NWN2Zork@kliche.com Page 3 of 44 matchbook, the pair of candles, and the garlic clove. Put the chalice in the case. Go upstairs and get the knife and rope, then go back down and west into the living room. Zork I – Guide and Walkthrough PC Atari 8-bit Amiga Apple II Commodore 64 Tandy Color Computer Amstrad CPC Macintosh MSX NEC PC98 PlayStation Saturn Atari ST window and enter through there. The sword is the first weapon - it will glow if there is a nearby enemy, but it isn't good enough to serve as a light source. Turn the bolt with the wrench. Climb down from here, following the Drop the key and opener, and get the blue sphere. Go northeast to Sandy Cave and dig in the sand with the shovel four times. Go back down and head south then east. For a game to room. Follow the princess to the gazebo and wait for the unicorn to appear. Ring the bell and then take the candles. This game is rather capricious, involving random elements that can kill you or get the game into an unsolvable state. Go down the chimney from the Kitchen. Pick up the bracelet, then continue up and south to the Shaft room. ZORK ZERO - Walkthrough by David Sachs GENERAL DESCRIPTION ZORK ZERO is a text adventure with some graphic additions. Go east twice, then southeast back to the Carousel Room. Next, read the leaflet that is inside. Move the rug and open the trap door. See the next moves if that solution interests you.). Enter the trap door. "Look", then take the map and read it. Continue through the coal mine (e, ne, se, sw, d, d), move south and get the lump of coal. As I mentioned before as well, Zork’s quality is put into the interactions that really paved the way for many titles to come ahead.

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