Action Explorations

Using Psychodramatic Methods
in Non-Therapeutic Settings

Action Explorations: the next step for psychodrama

It’s time to take psychodramatic methods outside purely therapeutic settings and into the community! Schools can use role-playing for cultivating emotional intelligence. Businesses and organizations can apply these tools to enable their workforce to problem-solve and adapt in a rapidly changing world. And individuals can improve their relationships and their lives.

This collection of essays by 23 authors clearly demonstrates how action explorations is working around the world.

Offering a vast repertoire of techniques—such as role-taking, role reversal, role distancing, improvising, amplifying, exaggerating, replaying, and doubling—action explorations provides a framework for practitioners to tackle wide-ranging and complex issues.

Table of Contents

For All Humankind, by Adam Blatner

Section 1: Action Explorations in Business and Organizations

Using Action Methods in Coaching, by Marilyn S. Feinstein

The Unspoken in Teamwork, by Norbert Apter

Using Action Methods to Facilitate Collective Intelligence, by Chantal Nève Hanquet and Agathe Crespel

Catastrophe Years: Reinsuring for Resilience, by Valerie Monti Holland

Where The Rubber Hits The Road, by Jenny Postlethwaite

Section 2: Action Explorations in Education

Action Methods in Education, by Linda Ciotola

Simulation: Gateway from Information to Knowledge, by James H. Henry

Science Communication in Action, by Justine Jones

Spontaneity Training with Children: Action-Based Learning, by Merav Berger

Section 3: Action Explorations in Social and Community Contexts

Forum Theatre as Restorative Practice, by Mecca Antonia Burns

Using Action Methods in Men’s Groups, by Wes Carter

Circle of Values, by Mario Cossa

Sociodrama in Action, by Ron Wiener

Section 4: Action Explorations in Personal Growth

H.A.P.P.Y! by Anne M. Curtis

The Art of Play, by Adam Blatner and Allee Blatner

Enhanced Simulations Beyond Psychotherapy, by Robert Lowe

How We Use Action Explorations to Enhance Our Relationship, by Adam Blatner and Allee Blatner

Section 5: Action Explorations in Spirituality

Bringing the Scriptures to Life with Bibliodrama, by Patrick T. Barone

Souldrama®, by Connie Miller

Creative Realization Techniques, by Saphira Linden

Section 6: Expanding Therapeutic Uses of Action Explorations

Positive Psychology and Psychodrama, by Phoebe Atkinson and Nancy Kirsner

Healing Shame and Developing Healthy Shame in the Imaginal Realm, by Sheila Rubin, with Bret Lyon

Psychodramatic Techniques for Neurodiverse Individuals, by Carol Feldman-Bass and Jonathan N. Bass